Nous venons de voir un signe « avant coureur », d’une grande montée.

425.000 actions (+ 500.000$) achetés en une fois.

D’expérience, nous savons que c’est sans doute une vente direct de la direction de TLR pour un de ses partenaires.

En bourse, ce genre de vente à toujours lieu, quelques jours avant les grandes montées.

A suivre de très près !


2 réflexions sur “TLR, ALERTE ROUGE !

  1. Old saying is « Price follows volume ».

    One of several possibilities is what is called ‘churning’.

    Sometimes you’ll see a stock fall during the day, and then come back near the EOD on light volume. The falling is selling by a bigger fish, then they take it back up to avoid selling over a several day period at less and less profit.

    The opposite is equally true. If I want to buy 500k shares of a stock and don’t want to make too big of a wave, I buy in smaller blocks and then let the price fall back to a lower level before hitting it again.

    Both of these techniques can be accomplished thru a MM or ‘specialist’, who knows how much I want to buy (or sell) and the average price I am willing to pay for the entire block.

    Another method is for the MM to short sell in order to take my order. Totally legal for the MM to « make a market’. Then he holds the pps down (as best he can) to cover his short.

    If you look at a 1min chart of TLR you can see that a 400k block traded at 12:15 on Nov 1st. Compare that one block to the 580k share day today. Why did it not move the price? Because the MM made the trade, and then worked the market back down throughout the day in order to cover his short sale to the client.

    btw – It wasn’t a small fish that gulped down 400k in one bite.

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