Gerald Celente «The Gangsters are optimistic»

Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense

Gerald Celente on « Coast to Coast »

Gerald Celente :  » Anybody that eats corporate food , goes to chain store to dine and they get sick , they deserve what they got , poison in poison out , and I do not wanna hear from any paid off doctor from the chemical industry or the pharmaceutical industry saying there is no proof between eating poison and getting sick , I am not a kid , so they can tell that to somebody that they pay off like a politician but you’re gonna tell me…matter of fact Jeff the first book I have worked on was Natural Healing back in 1986 and I also have an honorary doctorate degree from The National University of Health Sciences …so I know what’s going on… » « My definition of hell is taking that last breath and knowing that you are not that person that you claimed to be , the moment of death is the moment of truth..the moment of truth is coming » Gerald Celente added ..This is the time for rejuvenation of America only the fit people will survive the coming collapse Gerald explains….


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